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Right now you are missing out on customers. People are searching for your services and you aren’t easily found. Dominate your competition in the search engines. Your competitors are getting all the customers and qualified leads from Google right now. Why shouldn’t those leads be funneling into your business? Maps? Organic results? We do it all. Call us now at 864.498.1900 so we can explain the power of search engine domination first hand.

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A snapshot of actual search engine rankings for one of our clients. They went from invisible to visible in no time.


While many web design and hosting companies dabble with SEO, few have the expertise or resources to truly deliver an effective service that drives traffic that will increase your business. Let our team of people help brand your website and fuel your creative.

organic local strategy marketing campaign for business in sc - bigfootHow long will it take to rank my business?

Google has made updates that no longer allow you to rank quickly. However, just the other day we ranked a brand new page in Google in 2 hours. Mind you this was an ideal situation but we have the skills to do it. The duration of our Greenville SEO domination program is usually 8 months long. If the competition in your niche is low, you will start appearing in the local results quicker than in a higher competition niche. We have see some clients rank in 30 days and others take 8 months depending on the competition rate. If another company claims they can rank your business fast, its a sign they will cause your website to get penalized which will push you past the 10th page or drop your site from Google’s Index. It will take a long time to recover from a penalty. We make it a sure and steady optimization process to avoid penalties and ensure your long term success.

How much do your services cost?

We will use the info you give us to create a custom quote for your search marketing plan. You tell us the keyword that you want to rank for and we will research the keyword competition and develop a quote to help you reach your search engine placement goal. Simply fill out our contact form to receive a quote. One of our staff will personally get back to you.

What is my role in the SEO process?

We do all the work for you. You will literally sit back and watch your search views increase. We may ask you for some marketing material (existing or new) to aid in the page creation process.

What can you list in the search engines?

In addition to ranking websites, we can also optimize YouTube videos, Google Map listings, Facebook pages, and other web 2.0 and social properties.

What does domination mean?

For the right price, we can occupy the entire homepage of Google with only your listings. We can literally push your competitors to the second page making you the only option for customers to choose. Dominate your competition.

How many customers do you work with?

We only work with a handful of clients at a time to make sure that we are focused on your search engine ranking strategy.

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