Web Design and SEO FAQ’s. Start here.

Web Design Process

  1. All custom web designs start with a blank canvas. We design the websites using Adobe Photoshop. Our websites are 100% original and designed by our extremely talented graphic and UX designers.
  2. After a mockup process and approval stage, the website moves to a website coding phase.
  3. We design the website for the WordPress platform as it’s the best platform currently available for website designs. (some larger websites require a more custom CMS and we will recommend one if needed). Cohesive currently uses the Bootstrap CSS framework. It allows us to design flexible, responsive (mobile-friendly), websites that are expandable in every way.
  4. After initial coding is completed website will be available for customer view on a development server.
  5. We will make as many changes as needed to get the design right.
  6. We reach final approval from you the client and then launch the website live!

Who do we work with?

Anyone who needs top notch website design. Small companies, entrepreneurs, to large institutions.

How much does it cost?

We quote every project with a fair price. We like to say we are not the most expensive, but we are also not the cheapest. Our pricing structure is designed around us doing quality work, every time, on time!

Why Cohesive? Seriously.

Our mission is to do quality work, provide outstanding communication, and wow you with our personal touch of customer service. Our goal is doing great work for you and that you would reward us with the biggest compliment a company can receive by giving us a referral.

Our Greenville SEO Process

SEO Process

  1. We get you to fill out our online Discovery Form (if you are ready to see what it will take to dominate your niche, go ahead and fill it out)
  2. We take the information that you give us and do some heavy research in your market.
  3. We determine the best keywords for you to rank for.
  4. We will create a proposal and price it based on the competition and how hard it is to rank for a keyword.
  5. We deploy our proven SEO process to your site and surrounding properties.
  6. You rank in top spots and DOMINATE YOUR COMPETITION!

Website Hosting

Host through us or bring your own.

Full Admin Access

We don’t hold you hostage with a proprietary CMS that is costly to update.

No Hidden Fees.

All fees clearly explained up front.

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