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Dominate your competition in the search engines. Your competitors are getting all the customers and qualified leads from Google right now. Why shouldn’t those leads be funneling into your business? Maps? Organic results? We do it all. Call us now at 864.498.1900 so we can explain the power of search engine domination first hand.

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A snapshot of actual search engine rankings for one of our clients. They went from invisible to visible in no time.

While many web design and hosting companies dabble in search engine optimization (SEO), few have the expertise or resources to truly deliver results that will increase your business. Let the Cohesive SEO experts get your website found by more customers. Here’s what we will do…

1.We Analyze Your Website

Your on-page website content is the first thing that we will analyze. We should see a number of different things we can do on your website that will immediately give you a boost in the search engines. Doing this alone can give you a jump but may not get you to the homepage or where you want to be.

2.We Analyze Your Competition

Your competitors are ranking so why can’t you? We use our SEO toolbox to analyze what your competition is doing to get such a high rank in the search engines. Google ranks websites based on relevancy. For some reason, Google is seeing your competitors website as a relevant result for the search you are wanting to rank for. Our tools allow us to analyze what your competitors are doing and how we can implement some of those strategies on your website.

3.We Develop The Perfect SEO Strategy

Not every website uses the same SEO strategy.  After we know what your competition is doing and research the keywords you are wanting to rank for, we can develop a great strategy for ranking your website.  You’ve heard the saying “Failing to plan is a plan to fail.” We will create your strategy and then deploy our strategy to make you popular on the web.

SEO Greenville SC

4.We Make You Popular On The Web

Getting found on the search engines is a popularity contest. How many people linked to your site as a credible source? Google has a checklist of about 200 factors (that’s our guess cause Google never reveals this information) that it references to make sure that they deliver the most relevant results to the search performed. We simply utilize seo and optimize your website for the search being done. If you choose high volume keywords, this could potentially bring thousands of visitors to your website.

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Our Cohesive SEO Checklist

SEO Planning

We start developing our SEO strategy by analyzing your current website and seeing what immediate changes can be made in your content to kickstart your journey to the top of the search results. We will then analyze your competition to see what steps we can take to reach and then surpass them in the ratings.

Keyword Research

When people search online, as you know, they usually just enter a few words in the search bar and see what comes up. This is why having important keywords related to your business is crucial in optimizing your search results. You want new customers to be able to find you without even knowing that they’re looking for you. Your site will be the natural answer to their query.

Content Curation

Cohesive can provide you with original and engaging content that not only represents your business and its mission in the best possible light but also includes those important keywords that will help bring more of your target customers to your site. Content is, in a word, everything.

Link Building

Having strategically placed links within your website content helps boost visibility and ratings. It also improves the usability and ease of navigation for your site guests. We want to make sure that you are part of the conversations that are happening within your industry, and using the right keywords helps Google to recognize your site as participating in those conversations and to see you as relevant in your niche.

Site Analysis

Having a slow website, broken links, or other issues on your site can significantly affect your Google ratings. We will perform an in-depth analysis of your site to assess everything from the speed to the structure. Google evaluates about 200 factors to rank your website, so we will make sure that your site meets those criteria and stays operating in mint condition, ahead of the competition.

Competitive Evaluation

If for some reason your competition is getting a higher ranking from Google, we will analyze your competition’s website to uncover those reasons. We can then make sure to build those aspects that Google loves into the foundation of your site to make sure it ranks just as well or better than your competition. We constantly evaluate what is affecting rankings, good or bad, and use that as a guide to keep updating and keep you in Google’s good graces.

Rank Reporting

As we analyze and track your rank, we will share ranking reports with you so you are in on what’s happening and can collaborate with us on ideas to improve traffic, visibility, and business. These ranking reports provide you with tangible results that show you where you stand and how you got there.

PPC Campaigns

In addition to helping your site to appear in organic search results, we can also set you up with a Pay-Per-Click campaign to get you started at the top of the search results page. This is a good way to cut to the chase and start bringing traffic to your site as quickly as possible while we develop our other strategies.